Oil spills facts

Are you aware about the oil spill facts? Using right equipment can assist you to reduce the costly damages and environmental hazards that take place as a result of oil spill disasters. If you want to get more information about oil spill facts, this article is for you. We will let you know the most convenient methods available out there to prevent big oil spills and how to deal with such incidents.

What is an oil spill?

The term oil spill is used to describe a scenario where crude oil is leaking out of an oil tanker that is located underground. Oil is a hazardous element to human beings and the nature. Therefore, it can give life to a wide range of issues in the long run. Therefore, it is important for all the people to have a clear idea on how do oil spills happen and take necessary arrangements to stay away from it tanker disasters.

What causes oil spills?

Oil spillage can take place due to several reasons. If you are aware about the famous oil spills, you will have a general idea on how do oil spills happen? The general causes are:

  • From nature and human activities: From the oil spill statistics, it has been identified that a large amount of oil spill disasters that take place on land happen because of human activities. People who are engaged with construction activities cause big oil spills due to negligence. In addition, geological seeps can also cause oil to leak from their tanks.
  • Faults with oil tankers – Usually oil tankers get stuck when they break down. When someone attempts to move them out, holes can appear in the tank due to abrasion. According to the information about oil spills, it has been identified that around 2% of oil in water bodies lead to oil spills as a result of the above mentioned fact.
  • Drilling works and water sports – This is the most prominent reason for the oil spills that take place in sea. For instance, petroleum that is used during water sports and drilling work can cause oil to get released into the sea.
  • Land based oil spills – As we already know, many automobile engines run on petroleum based lubricants and fuel. They get released to the environment slowly during operation. The storage and extraction of oil can also lead into oil spills. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes can damage the tanks that you store oil. In addition, simple wear, excessive pressure and structural failure can also cause a petroleum spill to happen.

How to deal with an oil spill?

Now you know a lot of information about oil spills. The next thing that you should know is oil spill remediation. Plenty of products can be found in the market, which can be used to deal with a crude oil spill. These products are specifically designed with facilitate effective and quick confinement of chemical and oil spillages. Here is a list of some of the most popular products available out there, which can be used to confine chemical and oil spills. These equipment can also be used to deal with biomediation oil spills.

General oil spills facts and the equipment that can be used to deal with it

  • Oil absorbent booms and shocks – Oil absorbent booms have commonly be used in a majority of most recent oil spill disasters. These shocks are specifically designed to surround and confine chemical and oil spills before they spread and cause an irreversible damage. In other words, they act as a barrier to minimize the area of an oil spill. When you are using oil absorbent shocks and booms to deal with an oil spill, it is always better to overlap the shocks by few inches. This will create a strong barrier effect. If you are planning to use oil absorbent shocks in water, you need to make sure that the shock is placed in a way such that it touches the oil. All these techniques will ensure that minimum damage is caused to the surrounding. Once you place the barrier, you can think of using oil absorbent pillows and mats to clean up the area.
  • Chemical and oil spill kits – Chemical and oil spill kits have the potential to deliver a complete solution to an oil spillage. These kits are equipped with absorbent pads, socks and pillows. In addition, you can find other related supplies such as spill response equipment in an oil spill kit. Therefore, using an oil spill kit can be defined as one of the most convenient methods available out there to deal with an oil spill, while minimizing the damage. The chemical and oil absorbents that can be found in oil spill kits have the ability to absorb spills of caustics, acids or any other unknown liquid. Or else, you can think of using absorbent pillows or mats to clean up the liquid. It is better to spend your money on an oil spill kit, which has plenty of absorbent mats, socks and pillows. This will assist you to clean up even a worst case oil spill scenario with less hassle.
  • Non Absorbent Dikes – Nonabsorbent dikes can be used to deal with oil spills on land. According to oil spills facts, it is one of the most popular options available out there. They act as a strong barrier, which will keep oil away from seeping underneath. In other words, it will prevent oil absorbing deep into the soil, which makes the cleanup process easy. Nonabsorbent dikes can be found in different forms. You can invest your money accordingly to purchase the best nonabsorbent dike.

It is important for all the people to deal with crude oil spills as soon as possible. If you think that you can’t handle the situation, you can contact a professional service provider, who can assist you to go through the cleanup process with minimum hassle. Spending your money on a reliable service provider can be considered as a great investment done towards your future as well.

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