Effects of oil spills

A tragic oil spill has the potential to cause a lot of damage to the environment. It can have both short term as well as long term effects. You might even have to face a wide range of issues due to oil spill pollution. All the people should have a better understanding about oil spill effects as a result of that.

What exactly is an oil spill? An oil spill can simply be defined as the process where liquid hydrocarbon petroleum is released into the surrounding environment. It can take place as a result of human activities or due to natural wear and tear. Effects of oil spills have received much attention in the recent past as it is recognized as one of the biggest forms of environmental pollution. The effects of oil spills are common in the ocean because crude oil is being released to the water on a regular basis. It can also take place as a result of drilling wells and rigs, releasing crude oil from the tankers and from the machines that use petroleum as fuel pollution facts.

The biggest negative effect of oil spill pollution is that it will take many months for the people to clean it up. Water pollution oil spills can take place due to careless mistakes done by people. In fact, people cause many oil tankers to release oil into the ocean water on a daily basis. There are some countries who dump oil into the oceans of enemy countries during wars. However, both parties will have to experience negative effects of the oil spill at the end of the day.

The effects of oil spills can cause a huge damage to the world we live. Aquatic animals have to experience the worst part of it. This is because a large percentage of oil spills take place in sea water. Apart from aquatic animals, seabirds also die when their feathers are covered by oil. Moreover, plants that grow near coastal water bodies die when they get in touch with oils. All these aspects can affect human beings at the end of the day.

The effects of oil spills bring a lot of damage to the environment because they spread at a surprisingly quick speed. The winds and ocean currents contribute a lot towards the above mentioned fact. In fact, just a one gallon of oil can spread over many acres within few days. This fact is proven from statistical figures as well pollution definition.

Finally, let’s focus our attention towards the effects of oil spills on human beings. When ingested, oil can cause death or immediate poisoning. If you consume fish or meat that are contaminated with oil, you will have to experience the above mentioned health effects. In other words, the toxicity associated with an oil spill moves up in the food chain, which can affect humans in the long run.

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