Whether you’re looking to find refueling tips and the equipment you’ll need to maintain your gas tanks, or you’re looking for regulations on home fuel tanks, this site will help you.

Not many people know the process of oil extraction, through to a tank farm, through to distribution and ending up in your car, business or home. This site will give you useful information on all of these topics.

Some of this information is not only interesting or informative, but also essential. Our articles on regulations regarding oil tank disposal and fuel tank removal are especially important, because if you do this wrongly, you can cause a lot of damage to your properties and also incur huge fines. Also, if you’re environmentally conscious, you could be doing massive damage to the environment.

An oil tank leaking into a water supply is something you don’t want to be responsible for! It can costs you tens of thousands or more, and also endanger homes, people and livestock as well as the wildlife in an entire area.

We’ve all seen huge oil crises such as the Exxon Mobil crisis which destroyed huge amounts of wildlife and the BP oil spill in Louisiana which caused a huge amount of environmental damage; and yet not many of us realize that we could be responsible for the same problems in our own back yard! That’s why knowing how your fuel system works and could break down is essential.

For instance, there are several key pieces of equipment which will help you determine the efficiency and overall health of your system. We talk about this in detail elsewhere, however the three pieces of equipment you could consider are:

  • An oil tank fuel measuring tape, which will allow you to determine the level of fuel in your oil tank. Or you could use
  • A measuring gauge which will allow you to achieve similar ends, sometimes by remote control. You’ll certainly want
  • A measuring chart. This is how you can compare your tank to the average figure; if it’s far less efficient, then you’ll need a new tank. If it’s more efficient, then congratulations, you’re living in an energy efficient way.

Other than maintenance and repair, there are a lot of other subjects which we cover in detail on this site. For instance, because a fuel tank is a huge investment, we rarely purchase one. As such, the market moves on and all kinds of developments have probably happened since the time you last bought a fuel tank. If so, you’ll need to know the latest information: Prices, efficiencies, what the makes to buy versus avoid are. These are all things that we’ve discussed previously on this site, and will continue to discuss. Feel free to look around and bookmark this site, and enjoy the helpful articles we’ve provided.